Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Top 5 Oscar 2012 Makeup Looks

The red carpet was filled with barely there, "naked" makeup looks this year and bright red lips were popular as well. I honestly didn't see one look that I didn't like but I wanted to narrow it down to five so here are my favorite makeup looks! 

#1 Emma Stone
Not everyone is daring enough to match their lips to their dress and their cheeks to their eyeshadow but Emma broke both "rules" flawlessly! Her face is glowing!  

#2 Shailene Woodley 
I am absolutely loving bronze/brown eyeshadow lately and I adore how Shailene's smokey eye makeup lights up her light brown eyes. 

#3 Rose Byrne 
Rose had sultry, dark smokey eyes and beautiful peachy nude lips and pulled it off perfectly.

#4 Jennifer Lopez
It wasn't until I looked at photos after I watched the Oscars that I really noticed Jennifer's 60's-esque eye makeup. This classy retro look seems to be showing up more and more.

#5 Rooney Mara 
I am in love with Rooney's porcelain-like complexion and I think she pulled off the neutral eye with bright red lip combo exquisitely. 


  1. Hey, Ok i dont care for emma stone personally but I do love her makeup here, i think it works very well!

    1. Doesn't it?? I love her pink eyeshadow! I have never tried pink eyeshadow but I may have to experiment with it now. :)