Thursday, September 15, 2011

Impulse by Karl Lagerfeld for Macy's

     I finally got a chance to head over to Macy's the other day to check out the highly anticipated line, Impulse, designed by Karl Lagerfeld. Honestly I wasn't even sure if the Macy's here in Guam would get the collection, but luckily they did! 
     I decided not to look online before I went to the store because I wanted to see the clothes in person first. These are the pieces that caught my eye right away. The first six pieces I love, the last was a dud. Keep in mind that these are the pieces that I actually got to see in real life. I later learned when I looked at the Macy's website that there are 45 pieces in the collection, and the Macy's here only had about half.

     I instantly gravitated towards the graphic tees. I'm pretty sure everyone else will too and I can imagine these selling out quickly. They are priced at $49 which would normally be way above my preferred price range for a t-shirt, but I'm seriously considering going back to buy one of these. 

     This dress is exactly the type of clothing I was imagining to see in this collection; very "Chanel" looking. I love the turtle neck and my favorite part is that the white collar is detachable, so you're almost getting two dresses for the price of one! 

     I really love the high-waisted faux leather and tweed shorts. I'm pretty sure these will fly off the racks as well. 

     This tweed dress caught my eye right away and would be so cute for Fall. It's really heavy and thick though so I could never wear this in Guam unless I wanted to sweat to death. 

     I've gotta mention what I didn't like too, right? That would be this dress. From far away the color caught my attention and I thought it was cute. But when I got up close I realized it is made out of polyester and spandex which I personally hate. It is thin and flimsy and feels really cheap. This dress gets a thumbs down from me! 
     Have any of you gone out to purchase anything from this collection? I'd love to hear your thoughts on your favorite and least favorite pieces! 

*All images courtesy of Macy'

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