Friday, February 10, 2012

Spring 2012 Nail Polish Trends

It may not quite be Spring yet, but all the Spring clothing and beauty collections are popping up which means fun new colors and trends to immerse ourselves in! I particularly love following nail polish trends because it is such an affordable way to be "in" every season. But even if you don't like following trends, new nail polish colors are always fun regardless! Here are some of the main colors you will be seeing on nails this Spring. 

Nudes & neutrals: Think light beige shades that are similar to the color of your skin tone, creamy whites, super light grays, and pale pinks.
(OPI Samoan Sand, Deborah Lippmann Amazing Grace, Essie Chinchilly, Sephora by OPI The Way Tutu His Heart)

Creamy neons: The new neons have white added to them which makes them appear much more creamy than the typical neons you might be used to.
 (Essie Orange, It's Obvious, OPI Did It On 'Em, China Glaze Fuchsia Fanatic, American Apparel Neon Blue) 

Glitter: While glitter isn't exactly a new trend, it's now showing up in tons of fun new colors and shapes and sizes.
 (Essie A Cut Above, American Apparel Supernova, OPI Save Me, China Glaze Techno) 

Pastels: Pastels are always a Spring staple and the "it" pastel this year is definitely pistachio green. You'll also be seeing light, buttery yellows and pretty lavenders.
 (Essie Navigate Her, RGB Vellum, Essie To Buy Or Not To Buy) 

Reds: Reds ranging from burgundy to true red to fire engine red are hot and are even hotter when you match them with your red lipstick!
 (Chanel April, Butter London Come To Bed Red, Essie Ole Caliente) 


  1. Some beautiful colors! I find myself particularly attracted to Essie's it's obvious!

  2. i do too! i just want to go buy them all! lol :)

  3. Love your blog:)

    Following you:)
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    1. thank you so much! i just followed yours. you have amazing fashion sense! love it! :)

  4. Just bought the American Apparel Gitter Polish! Love it! xCx

    1. Lucky you! It's so gorgeous! Can't wait to get my hands on a bottle! :)

  5. I really want to try the Butter London collection Ive heard some great things :)

    Great Blog.

    Laurie Rose

    1. Same here Laurie! Butter London is one of the only nail polish brands I haven't tried out yet but they get great reviews! Thanks for stopping by! :)