Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring 2011 Nail Polish Trends

Photo by J. Frasse

     As a college student, I am usually on a pretty tight budget when it comes shopping money, because let's face it, paying for rent, bills and food is a little more important (whether I'd like to admit it or not). As a self-proclaimed fashion addict, I would obviously like to splurge every month on the latest clothes, shoes and accessories but unfortunately this just isn't a reality for me. This is where nail polish comes in. Lately I have rediscovered my love for nail polish (I used to collect them as a little girl) and have realized that nail polish is a totally affordable accessory. Maybe you're bored of that little black dress that you wear every season, but if you try painting your nails this season's "it" colors, you can instantly update your look! Here are a few of my favorite nail polish colors for Spring 2011.


 "Greige" (a cross between gray and beige) has been "in" since last fall but is still being spotted everywhere this spring. I personally love this taupe-y color because it acts as a neutral and goes with just about any outfit. And sometimes when I think it looks a little boring, I layer a really chunky, glittery clear nail polish over it. It turns out really cool!

Sky Blue

     Sky blue totally reminds me of spring. It makes me think of sunny skies, flowers, and Easter. It works well with most outfits and is a great alternative to the typical pinks and oranges you usually see during spring.


     I have been loving the different shades of lavender that I've been seeing. It's such a pretty color that I think often gets ignored when it comes to clothes and shoes because no one really wants to look like Barney the dinosaur. However, as a nail color it's subtle and adds a nice splash of an unexpected color to an outfit.


     Nude goes with literally everything, but it is easy to end up looking like a mannequin so make sure it is very glossy. Sometimes if it matches my skin too much to the point where it looks like I have no nails, I'll add a coat of light, shimmery glitter nail polish over the top to add more shine.

      Peachy pinks are pretty similar to nudes in that they are neutral and match most outfits. And again, I think they look better when they're very glossy. It is a great alternative to regular old pink.


     Gray nail polish has also been "in" for a while and has carried over from fall. It is a great alternative to black, which has been popular for the past few years. It is probably one of my favorite colors to wear. Plus, it adds a little edge.
If you are interested in any of the colors I have shown here today, check out these websites:



  1. Hey Bekah! This is great! I love nail polish. I actually have the OPI Lavendar at home, but now, the Greige colour, that is one I want to get!

    Thanks!!! <3

  2. Oooo so fun! I used to love nail polish as a little girl too! Now I'm inspired to start collecting again! ;)