Friday, April 29, 2011

3 reasons why Toms are awesome

     A couple months ago I invested in my first pair of Toms shoes. I had seen girls on my college campus wearing them and quickly grew to like them. I chose the Ash (gray) Canvas Women's Classics since they are a neutral color and I knew they would match with most of my wardrobe. Ever since my purchase, I have been obsessed! Read on to find out why Toms are awesome! 

1. Toms are for a great cause! 

     The number one reason why Toms are awesome is because they are for a super good cause called One for One. For every pair of Toms shoes that is purchased, one pair is donated to a child in need of shoes. According to the Toms website, one of the leading causes of diseases in developing countries is soil-transmitted diseases. By providing children with shoes, Toms helps prevent cuts and sores which can become infected. Having shoes also allows more children to attend school, since many are not allowed if they do not have shoes. As if the Toms movement isn't awesome enough, Toms also holds a worldwide event called One Day Without Shoes. On this day, people go without shoes for a whole day going about their usual daily activities in order to raise awareness of the One for One movement. 

2. Toms are super comfortable! 

     The second reason why Toms are awesome is because they are really, really comfortable! No lie, I have hardly worn any other pair of shoes since my beloved Toms arrived in the mail. When you first try them on they are a bit tight, but once you wear them for a day or two they stretch out to perfectly fit your foot. The soles of the shoes are really squishy and keep my feet happy all day long. 

3. Toms match with everything! 

     The third reason Toms are awesome is because they are super versatile and can be worn with practically everything you own. I have seen Toms worn with jeans, shorts, capris, boyfriend jeans, dresses, skirts, you name it. There are plain colored Toms for a classic look, sparkly Toms for those craving a more flashy look, corduroy Toms for a preppy look, patterned Toms for the adventurous and creative types and even a wedding collection for an elegant look! Basically, you can't go wrong with Toms. 

Check out this Toms video! 



  1. LOVE IT! We love our TOMS too! We're hooked! And truly a great cause!

  2. I am hooked too! I think I want to buy a pair in every color! hehe I wish! ;)