Saturday, March 24, 2012

Guam Beauty News: Beauty Bar opens at Micronesia Mall
The other day my mom and I decided to have lunch at Denny's which happens to be connected to the Micronesia Mall. After we ate we decided to go search for the new GAP store that we had heard was going to open up soon.

As we were strolling along searching for it I suddenly came across a bright, glowing store in front of me called Beauty Bar. My eyes lit up as I looked inside and noticed the Japonesque makeup brushes located on the wall on the right. My eyes quickly started darting around the store in excitement and then I noticed a whole wall full of Burt's Bees products on the left and a Palladio table of products in the center. I probably looked like a kid in a candy shop considering how excited I was! I started browsing around to see what else they had and was pleasantly surprised to find a table full of theBalm products, a wall full of Juice Beauty products, a section of Prestige products, as well as some brands I had never heard of such as Youngblood, Supergoop!, Artdeco, and Koh Gen Do

The store is bright, clean, and well organized and the workers were friendly. They have a long vanity table and mirror with about three benches on each side in the center of the store. I guess it's there so you can try on products which I think is really fun and creative.

The store carries makeup, makeup brushes, nail tools, skincare and hair products. The prices looked to be similar to stateside prices which is nice because prices are often high here in Guam, especially for imported items. I especially love that they carry many brands that I haven't been able to find in Guam until now (and trust me, I've looked!).

Beauty Bar is a Philippines based store. Their website only ships items to addresses in the Philippines but I am sooo glad that they decided to open  up a store here! I'm sure I will be going back!

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