Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fall 2011 Nail Polish Trends

     Summer has already come to an end and I must say it flew by. After a bit traveling and a spur of the moment move from California to Guam, life is finally settling down for me. After quite a long hiatus, I am back and here to stay. And what better way to transition into the Fall than to introduce you all to the trendiest Fall nail polish colors of 2011? 

Army Green: This shade of green is a great color to try this Fall. I prefer the creamy shades but metallic and iridescent shades can be found as well.

Copper: This orange rust color is perfect for Fall. It reminds me of the color of falling leaves. 

Teal: I am in love with this jewel-toned teal. No Fall outfit could possibly be bland with a pop of this beautiful shade. 

Mauve: Rather than the lavenders that we saw last season, Fall will be all about mauve when it comes to purple.

Burgundy: This deep wine shade will take any outfit's sophistication level up a notch. I prefer this iridescent shade to avoid looking dated.

Dark Brown: Dark brown is an alternative to black if you like wearing dark nail polish shades this time of year. 
Slate: Gray has been around for the past few seasons and isn't going anywhere just yet. This Fall try out this darker version of the color.

Sapphire Blue: This deep ocean blue is another alternative to black if you like dark colored polishes in the Fall. 


  1. Oh my goodness!! You've picked so many gorgeous nail-polish hues -I'm loving these! I'm especially smitten with Sephora's teal & Slate by Nars; can't wait to add these to my fall collection. Happy weekend. xo veronika

  2. Gorgeous color picks! I've noticed jewel tones to be really popular this fall, and you've got quite a bit of them here. :)

    By the way, you moved from California to Guam? Wow! That is a big change! I hope you're having a blast in your new home!

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